Soil Science

Soil is a fundamental but limited and non-renewable resource. It must therefore be preserved and protected, especially during earthworks and excavations, but not only. A better knowledge of the different types of soil and their chemical and physical characteristics makes it possible to optimize the use of fertilizers by limiting, for example, the quantities of Potassium in NPK solutions, with obvious economic advantages for the farmer but also for the environment and the society.

Geostudio Galster is a soil consultant for businesses and companies that have decided to innovate their approach to the territory and to the protection of swiss soils.

  • Customized consulting
  • Pedological description
  • Soil sampling and lab analysis for detailed investigations
  • Gamma and vis-NIR specroscopy for quick analysis and investigation of large areas
  • Remote sensing analysis and interpretation for large surfaces

A recent examples in Soil Science application

Geostudio Galster assists and advises Scarpellini Giardini SA in the pedological field, allowing them to optimize the use of fertilizers and offer customers innovative and customized solutions for optimal soil management, whether for sports facilities, green roofs or public and private gardens.